Acetonitrile Market: Global Production Capacity will reach to 271,800 Tons in 2019

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2019 acetonitrile market is released by HDIN Research. This report covers 33 producers around the world.

Acetonitrile is colourless liquid which is mainly produced as a byproduct of acrylonitrile. It is also can be produced by acetic acid ammonolysis. Acetonitrile is a very important chemical raw material which is used in the field of pharmaceutical, laboratory regent and pesticide.


Figure Acetonitrile Industrial Chain

Source: HDIN Research


The global acetonitrile production capacity reaches to 271,800 tons at 3.6% CAGR from 2011 to 2019. And the capacity and production will reach to 341,900 tons in 2024.


Figure 2011-2024 Global Acetonitrile Production Capacity, Production and Growth Rate


Source: HDIN Research


    Global top 5 manufacturers are INEOS Nitriles, Ascend Performance Materials, Tongsuh Petrochemical, Shanghai SECCO and Sailboat Petrochemical/Honggang Petrochemical, and their production capacity share reach to 41.6% of global total capacity in 2018.


Figure Global Top 10 Acetonitrile Competitors Market Share

 Source: HDIN Research


The acetonitrile production capacity of China is 91,000 tons, APAC (excl. China) is 76,700 tons, Europe is 28,000 tons, North America is 60,100 tons and MEA is 6,000 tons.


Figure Acetonitrile Production Share by Region

 Source: HDIN Research


There are two production routing for acetonitrile: byproduct of acrylonitrile and acetic acid ammonolysis. Byproduct of acrylonitrile is the most import production method of acetonitrile, but the production volume depend on the demand of acrylonitrile. Acetic acid ammonolysis method does not have this problem, but the cost of this method is higher than that of byproduct of acrylonitrile.

Figure 2018 Acetonitrile Capacity Share by Technology

Source: HDIN Research


This report also include global and regional acetonitrile consumption, market size, price, raw materials and cost analysis, demand by application including pharmaceutical, laboratory regent and pesticide.. 

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