n-Butylamine Market Size is expected to reach $40mil in 2025

Date : 2020-01-13 Reading : 1993

    n-Butylamine is amine family organic compound. It is a clear colorless liquid at room temperature. n-Butylamine can be used in pesticide and pharmaceutical to produce intermediates. It is also a precursor for the manufacture rubber vulcanization accelerator-N,N'-Di-n-butylthiourea and plasticizer-n-butylbenzenesulfonamide.


    The starting raw materials of n-Butylamine production include n-Butanol and liquid ammonia. By control of the feed ratio of raw materials and reaction parameter, it also can produce di-n-Butylamine and tri-n-Butylamine in the same production unit.

n-Butylamine Industrial Chain

   There are 8 n-Butylamine producers covered in the report. BASF, Eastman, OXEA and Zhejiang Jianye are global leading producers. Zhejiang Jianye had released a expansion plan of 10,000 mt n-Butylamine in 2018. It is expected the project will put into operation in 2022. Then, Zhejiang Jianye will be the largest producer of n-Butylamine.


    Global n-Butylamine market size was estimated at $42mil in 2019 and the market size will reach $40mil in 2025, with a CAGR of -0.5% due to weakly demand of downstream application.
n-Butylamine Market Size

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